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  • Ad Soyad: Too Different
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  • Mesleği: Rock / Rap Band
  • Adresi: - Şırnak - Osmaniye
  • Ülkesi: Spijkenisse, Nederland

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TOO DIFFERENT: Started out by 2 best friends, Eric Pinas and Michael van der Vaart, from Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.They started performing together on schools and disco's and festivals around Spijkenisse and Rotterdam, with their own material as a Rap/hardcore Hiphop act. back in 1984.: With only one passion : To blow the roof of every place and give a good show. 

The reason they were called TOO DIFFERENT was that they had totally different influences, Mike is a die hard KISS fan, and was influenced by bands such as KISS ,van Halen,Survivor ect Eric is influenced by R&B, soul,swingbeat music such as R Kelly. But with rap music they rocked together. 

In 1990 they recorded a single with the dutch funkband Blue feather, together with female singer Monique Belling.This project went under the name of : Perfect BPM and Blue feather and a single was released by Corduroy records, title track : Say that you love me, One more night. And a second single with title track: Pump it. This was Mike's and Eric's first time experience as young recording artists, and they liked the learning experience, although they were not making the hardcore music they wanted to do.

In 1995 they signed a recordcontract for a cd-single in a Eurohouse rap style Titled: Don’t want it, Don't need it In 1996 they signed a recordcontract for a cd-single in a EuroHouse rap style Titled: Destiny. Their stage act was always dynamic with dancers,(Eric's Influence) female singers, and pyrotechnics!! (Mike’s KISS influence) In 2000 they both seperated for a while, as Eric has build his own Kick/Thai boxing school.(TeamPinas) Which now has a succesfull and steady name. Mike finally started his Rockband named Voltage 380, but lasted for only one year.

In 2002 Eric and Mike got back together and went on with TOO DIFFERENT, and continued on as a Rock / Rap band. With this the've won 1 st price at a regional bandcontest called "great Price of Voorne putten" from 2004 till 2010 Mike's 2 children were born, ofcourse a big impact, so Mike spend more time with his family, and sold his live equipment and started to build his own homerecording adventure. Now they have everything under their control, writing and recording.And nothing to lose. The love and passion for performing and blow the roof of every place, is what keeps them going ! (And allways was in the first place.) 

In 2011 they decided to go on as Independant artistst..With Rock music they found their home. They are destined to rock Okt.2011 the first 5 Promo-demo releases went online, and the planning for live shows are in the making. March 2012 they released their first selfmade Music video "Don't Stop Dreaming" reaching over a 1000 views on youtube within 6 weeks!! This Video was shot and edited by Mike and Eric themself,, And shows Mike and Eric only, as they did'nt found the right bandmembers yet. Finally in January 2013 they have a completed the band, with Floris de vreede on drums, Hielke Bruil on Bass and Eric pinas Rap/vocals and Mike van der vaart on Lead vocals/rhythem guitar , and Robert Stomp on lead guitar, they are now a 5-man band, 
and Feb 22 they´ve shot the're latest Music Video `Got My MInd Made Up`which was released 26 th April 2013

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