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I am the Founder & CEO of Momba, whose mission is to give students things they need where they live, whenever they need them. A significant portion of our profits help fund financial aid. And, we offer student social entrepreneurs an opportunity to make good money while making a positive impact on their communities. 

Previously, I was the Social Media Evangelist of Bullhorn, a global leader in web-based recruiting software and services. I was also the Recruiting Innovation & Optimization Evangelist of Bullhorn Reach, and served as its first Account Executiveand Marketing Manager

Prior to Bullhorn, I worked in business development & strategy at Jack Morton Worldwide (an IPG company), a leading global brand experience agency. 

I received my Bachelor's degree in philosophy and sociology from Harvard College. At Harvard, I co-founded and led The Harvard Voice as its publisher withMiran Pavic, its editor. I then toured cross-country as frontman of the band Big Time. In 2011, we released an EP with Greg Wells as Mount Auburn.

I continue to write music and maintain a blog, Living In The Future.

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