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  • Ad Soyad: Steele Jordan
  • Cinsiyet: male
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  • Telefon Numarası: ***- **6811
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  • Mesleği: President
  • Adresi: - Lavizzara - Bern
  • Ülkesi: Mara Lake, BC

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Steele Jordan instagram hesabı. Hi there! I’m Steele and I’m the proud President of Hummingbird Beach Resort.

Hummingbird Beach Resort is located on the site of a much-loved seasonal lakeside campground, which was owned and operated by the Connelly family for 18 years. As soon as school was out, it would come alive with families who made it their summer home year after year. Days were spent swimming in the lake. Evenings centered around the campfire and playing cards. Everyone looked forward to the weekly sandcastle contests and firework displays. June the bake lady would stop by three times a week and campers would line up for an hour in advance to buy her freshly baked pies and cinnamon buns.

It was a place where days were filled with unlimited possibilities and lifelong friendships were forged. The sense of belonging extended beyond the campground to the entire Swansea Point community. Local children would look forward to their friends returning each year and would often help out with chores at the beginning and end of each season. It is built on this rich heritage and will continue to be a special place for families for generations to come.

With just 81 homes spread over 9.5 acres, this low-density beachfront community is destined to remain naturally beautiful and serene. It boasts 500+ feet of white sandy beach and is bordered by Hummingbird Creek and the wonderfully warm waters of Mara Lake. The southwest exposure ensures sun-filled days on the beach, as well as spectacular sunsets and stunning views.

Access is easy. There are daily flights to Kelowna from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton.

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