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Question the Answers instagram hesabı. Question the Answers - BY: TIMzPoet

TIMzPoet’s Original Poem 
"Question the Answers" 

Category: Writing and Poetry

Lost man - Angry at society,
I still have, good, in, me – Dr Jekel - Mr Hyde

I want to help - I want to kill –

I don't like the gangsters,
I don't like the police

I don't like the lawmakers,
I don't like the judge –

There is a problem – with society,
hysterical, history, mysterious, theology –
The problem is hard to see –

society - mob mentality - sentimental history

society is in confusion,
society jumps to conclusion

mob mentality is taking over –
The individual is afraid, to speak –
that which, might, be unpopular

The Emperor has no clothes!

I want to strike out - I want to do good

I have to resist –
I must insist –
society is a mess –

you know I don't lie.

politicians good intentions,
do more harm, than good 
when, we blindly follow –

Their good intentions. 

always Question
the man of good intentions.
Ask him, how, he found, his answers,

ask him, if, he, really – knows, the truth

just, because, he has, good intentions
doesn't mean, he knows, the truth!

politicians, are society’s doctors –
but a politician, doesn’t, need a degree

politicians preach, their cures
and the multitudes hope

society is often misled,
by zealousness, and true sincerity.

good intention, is the first step.

intelligent thought, is the next step.

Question, the man, who says –
I, have the answer!

if, his intentions, are, truly good –
Then Question his Answers!

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