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neena massey (neenaexp) instagram hesabı. Beauty is Everywhere

Hi! Welcome to my page. I reside in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 
I am a Performer, Artist and Educator. My current projects include “Raven Speaks”, a performance art piece that always invokes a theme of healing. I include vocals, Bharatnatyam inspired dance, Abbhinaya, and Mudras, performed to electronica. I collaborate with musicians and artists to bring this to life and usually have a new production every year.

I choreograph and perform dances at events and weddings around the United States, including Denver, New York, Hawaii and San Francisco.
My background is in Middle Eastern, South Indian and African Dance. I have performed Bharatnatyam at yoga studios and art galleries including the Star House in Boulder.
I write song lyrics in English, Spanish, Urdu and French. 
I perform as a vocalist at Vocal Intensive Studios in Denver and Littleton. 
I am a Montessori Master Teacher and Chorale Director at Escuela Tlatelolco. My choir, Unity in Unison, has performed at various venues, including Arvada Center, DCPA, The
Denver Mason Center, International Human Rights March, Martin Luther King Marade, Auraria Campus and Regis University.. 
I am immersed in many forms of art. In addition to the above, I am writing a children’s book, and a screenplay, both which will be released in 2017.

I play well with others.
Please contact me:
phone: 720-314-0616
yahoo: [email protected]

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