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  • Okulu: Portland State University
  • Mesleği: Mr. Brooks and his friends post Tournament Schedules for Poker, Blackjack, and Texas Holdem.
  • Adresi: Argyle St - Sherbrooke - Nova Scotia
  • Ülkesi: Vancouver Washington Canada

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Mr. Brooks instagram hesabı. Poker, Blackjack, and Texas Holdem Tournaments!

Hello and thanks for stopping in. We post weekly online gaming tournaments for your convenience. We're following some of the most popular and higher payout tournaments  on the Internet. It does not mean that you always have to enter into a tournament that costs a lot of money. Many of them are reasonable to enter with the chances of big payouts. With that said, we like to keep you informed of when the next tournaments become available. If you go to our site,, you will find listings of tournaments that might interest you. We provide the dates, the payouts, the types of tournaments, available from companies like 888, Mybet, Titan Poker, Party Poker, and others.  We will be providing a forum for you to come back and let us know how you fared. We enjoy getting feedback from you, the players. It helps other readers with more information that leads to better understanding of the tournament experiences. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know. We are eager to hear from you!

Rod Brooks and friends! 
9208 NE Highway 99 Suite 107 #15
Vancouver, Washington. 98665

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