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  • Ad Soyad: Martina Ercoli
  • Cinsiyet: female
  • Doğum Günü:
  • Telefon Numarası: ***- **93738
  • E-Posta Adresi:
  • Okulu: Professional Diploma in HR Sole 24 Ore Business School
  • Mesleği: Recruiter, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing, Web Content Management
  • Adresi: Botterweck - Oudeschans - Friesland
  • Ülkesi: Roma Netherlands

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Martina Ercoli instagram hesabı. "The unexamined life is not worth living.2 Socrates

I am a critical thinker with a great Emotional intelligence. I have graduated in Communication and Philosophy, with specialist skills in Philosophical Counselling and the Socratic coaching method. I am a proactive, imaginative and open-minded person. I have expanded knowledge in Human Resources Management through postgraduate studies at Sole 24 Ore Business School in Milan. I am committed to lifelong learning, continuing education and I am highly adaptable and comfortable working in international environments, dealing with international customers. I enjoy teamwork and I think cooperation and clear communication are the keywords to succede.

I am:

- Interested in social recruiting and HR 2.0, HR marketing, employer branding Social Induction, SocialHR, Social Learning, Social Collaboration, Lean Innovation e Social Media Policy, Social CRM, Intranet e community aziendali, Social Recruting;
- Passionate about social media and technology in general;
- an excellent communicator with an entrepreneurial and a positive attitude;
- Team player and willingness to work cross boundaries;
- Flexible and dedicated, agile, with a smart and creative approach;
- Willing to travel;
- Team player and willingness to work cross boundaries.

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