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Lori Boomhower instagram hesabı. I am a major stroke victim. It has been many years ago (3/7/12) and it is hard for me to read, write, and vocal, but I will try to write to myself and with the people.

 Chapter 1

Monday: 3.6.2012-I didn't feel great, but I went out. Because I a job to do (career, I love it!). I was a Ph.D. of Genetics and Biology Gwinnett Georgia College ....Biology at 12:00 pm -1:00 pm MWF, Biology Lab 8:00 am - 11:50 am W, and Genetics 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm R...So, I went to Biology at 12:00 pm and then I went over at my office. In my office, I had emailed, power point lecture, students conference, lab, and such. After 5:00 pm I strolled out to my car and I drove home.

I got home and two dogs were happy to meet me (Ziggy- Basset Hound and Greachen -Lab and mix). For the evening I watch TV, dogs played, ate dinner, and then I phoned my husband (he was working and living in St. Louis, he had 8-16 hrs to drive one weekend per month. I moved at July 2011 for GGC and he would come after me for a job).  The last thing I did was getting my clothes for tomorrow and go to sleep.

Tuesday: 3.7.12- 6:30 am the clock rang! I got up in my pj's and the clock was shut off. I felt wrong. I just put it off, but the dogs needed to go to outside.  So, I walked down the stairs and I got feeling worst, lining on the down on the stairs.  I got up and then release the dogs.  Man, I felt bad and weird, it was something kinda like slow movements.  I got bowls for the food, put them down on the floor, and then I let them eat. Wow, maybe I've got a migraine and so I'm going to sleep for a bit.  As I took a step my right foot wasn't working. Wow, look at this. Ummm... I manage to get to the couch, got the blanket, and then I slept. 

I waked up for a little a bit...I must of fell out of the couch, but I must have gotten up and sit up the floor at the corner couch..umm...now, it must be sunny outside the glass doors.....were is my blanket? And I slept and then nothing.......

I wake up, it is dark and it is cold...brrr....I'm on the wood floor by the up stairs....my right slipper is not here...umm....Greachen is by me.....I look up and up stairs a light is on...weird...slept....wake up, I tried to stand, but it seems very hard....I just needed something, I tried to crawl, but nothing, I just needed to get up and get ready to go....the students need me...slept...

Wednesday: 3.8.12-wake up, it is morning...it is sunny...maybe someone would find me....I hope so...I'm cold and I'm down on the wood floor...slept...wake up and I guess it was 12:00 pm...slept...wake up, my shoulder was moving...I look up and I saw Betty...ahhh....they came for me!...slept...(I don't know, but I will try to gave some ideas)...A Barrow Ambulance comes for me...I was pick up and said something to me....but last it! I remembered asking the driver.... 

Chapter 2

I wake up and my dad is here and Nancy, and Julie and some others.  He told me something...I looked around...it is the hospital...which one is it?  I don't know...where are my clothes...slept... 

Thursday or Friday: 3.9 or 3.10.12-I woke up...stared at everyone...and looked at me. Tina, Autumn, Denny, Dad, and Nancy was there.  I couldn't talk. My right hemisphere is not working (from the head to the toes and the left brain).  I was in the hospital, but were.

Saint Mary Hospital (Athens, GA): 3.11 - 4.5.12

Clothes- Shirt, pants, underwear (panties, no bra), socks, and shoes. Wheel chair!!

  • Shirt: With the left arm/hand...I grab the shirt and go inside, then take left armhole, I put it over, and with my left elbow with the outside shirt. Then, take the left hand and go into the inside right armhole and grab the right arm and pull it outside....whew...I almost there....I grab the collar, I crunch bottom of the shirt, and put my head inside the collar.  I pulled my head out, then I used my left arm to pull the shirt down...da..da..
  • Pants: Weight elastic band, take the right leg and put in the right leg of the pants.  Then use the left leg for the left leg pants.  Pull up on the left arm and take it front, back, side and side...do it the same.
  • Socks: Take the left hand and use the toes, heel, and ankle. Pull the sock up with right/left feet.
  • Shoes: The shoes was hard...putting up it is easy but, the bow tie is hard. So, I got them on but, it was sloppy.
  • Underwear: After the shower (about 1 a week), I would take the panties and use the same as the pants (right leg in panties and left leg in panties, and front, back, side and side).
I had a week and then I had 3 weeks of Therapist.  I didn't know my name or anything.  I couldn't speak at all. My dad showed me the ABC's,1 thru 10, lists (Names, Dogs, Father, Mom, etc), and skip-bo for cards. The ABC's is hard!!!

I had physical therapist (PT), occupation therapist (OT), and speech.  And I was in the wheel chair.  Start with the rubber band.  First, they would wrap my left ankle to the down and then he/she would stretch straight. 10 times...then I would use a right foot, but it did not move at all.  A left foot works great. The small ball (8 inches) was used between the knees. The ball would squeeze with left and right knees together, 10 times.  I would take the wrap and tied it knees together.  Then I would take the tied wrap and stretch it, 10 times, one knee and second knee.

They wheeled me over, they pick me up and then sit down at the pad and laid down. She/he got over and then I would exercise the legs.  Left working the right wasn't great. Then was the stairs...yuck...five steps up and then down...my right leg would not work...so, I step to with the left leg and then the same step bring the right leg with knee not bending...and I was so scared I used my left arm to help me go up....when I was up I took a breath...way five steps...now, down stairs...the PT said to right leg down first...I looked to him/her and did a "what" face...then I step to the right first...it was like a pendulum, left pendulum (right leg direction) towards my left leg (that was still in the stairs in the up) and right pendulum didn't came back. The right foot was all the way on the left, PT would then grab the right foot and pull it towards the right and then I could bring it down the left foot.  And five steps to go down stairs. Back to the wheel chair.  Oh way, man it is so hard.  The hallway, I got up from the wheelchair and using a quad cane (it is a different type but, I don't know how to tell it. Sorry).  Then I stood up and walked with a cane on the left hand and had PT on the right shoulder.  Ok...it was bad...but, good...I walk about 10 paces.  And when I did, everyday I tired to go further...10 ft., 20 ft., 30 ft., and etc.

OT was next...I used left hand/arm and used it to get right hand/arm do anything. I didn't have any feeling from the right shoulder to the fingers.  It was dead.  So, I had to make the left hand domain. Left hand had to do all of the time: ball, my cloths, dolly (zip, button, and etc.), towels (table, that wax on and wax off), games, and then to massage the muscles of right shoulder, arm, and hand. 

Speech: At first I did nothing. I couldn't speak or nod. It was bad. So, I started out by nodding yes and no. Ok, it looks easy, but I thought it was very hard. Then I started out as pictograph (dog, horse, yes, no, bed, kitchen, etc.).  It was like this..."DOG"...but, I called, "CAT"...the speech would say, " no, say again"...I look at it and in my mind I saw DOG...but, as I said it, ..."CAT"... The mind was fine, the voice was miscommunicated....it was suppose to be DOG not CAT...the mind is not voicing it correctly.  The last time that she/speech did it she would, "good morning" and she would show me by her music, "low-high-low".  Example- "good"-low, "morn"-high, "ing"-low. Then she would say, "good night".  Example- "good"-low, "night"-high. And she would talk to me wanting me to sing, "Happy birthday to you...." It was hard...I barely speak.

Chapter 3

The St. Mary's ended...yay!!...April 5, 2012...My Dad decided to use his house for me. 

Chair wheel
Bed I fell out and got the floor
skip-bo cards/ scrabble
right leg brace/ socks
GGC Faculty
$200 every two weeks
my house fixing it stairs

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