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CSF Group was founded in 1969 and has been serving as a pioneer company for the sector owing to the prizes we landed and the success through silver production and wholesale both in domestic and international markets.
In 1995 after organizing the marketing units, wholesale activity began.
In 2004 we started providing our production and wholesale services under the name of Özcan Silver in accordance with the rising market share and growing customer needs.
In 2005 a wholesale store was opened in Thailand with the name of CSF Jewelry Bangkok.
In 2008 CSF Group attached a silver chain factory to its body and afterwards in 2009 opening of the new store CSF Silver Istanbul accelerated the institutionalization process.
In 2010 CSF Group made a key step towards continuing expansion by opening a silver production factory of 1500 m2 under the name of S&B Jewelry
That same year, CSF Group started producing watches and wholesaling the watch brands and collections in domestic market, besides distributorships started being given in the foreign market. 
CSF Group's stable growth, thanks to our success in markets of production, export and wholesale, went even further in 2010 when the chain stores with the brand Loja's started reaching end customers directly.
CSF Group proved its power in domestic and international markets with prizes and it became number one on the list '100 Big Export Companies' which was presented by IMMIB (Istanbul Union of Mineral and Metal Exporters) in the year 2008.
Today CSF Group exports to 72 countries and attends all of the domestic sector fairs and also international fairs in Italy, Russia, Hong Kong, Poland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, England, Serbia, Dubai, Greece, the USA, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Belarus.
Loja's, which serves the end customers under CSF Group, goes on growing stably as a chain store concept with silver jewelry brands Viveza, Ruberu, Balezza, Editta and watch brands Jack Pierre, Balezza, CSF Time and steel jewelry products.
Loja's makes it a rule to present quality products with authenticity and to improve continuously its working notion that is focused on customer satisfaction. Therefore the goal of Loja's is to make its customers experience different and special shopping.
Loja's will continue being well-known with its quality brands and  it's going to go on growing by opening franchise stores in Turkey and in other countries as well.

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