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  • Ad Soyad: Liza Kantor
  • Cinsiyet: female
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  • Telefon Numarası: ***- **66811
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  • Okulu: Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine
  • Mesleği: Patient Advocacy
  • Adresi: - Kamp-Lintfort - Schleswig-Holstein
  • Ülkesi: Colorado

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I studied Chemistry, Pharmacy and Medicine at University before being forced to leave school due to progressive chronic illness. I am disabled now, but volunteer as a patient advocate and serve as owner and administratress of Project Shapeshift, an Internet community for adults with restrictive eating disorders (AN, EDNOS-r, orthorexia and/or those who subscribe to the volitional anorexic praxis) for whom recovery has either been ineffective or for those who are not yet ready to recover.  PS is very precious to me.  It is a great honor to meet and share this Life with a diverse and beautiful group of individuals who also call my website "home".  I have met people from all walks of Life; all races, colors, creeds, gender identities and nationalities. True Love is my greatest treasure!  I rejoice in the positive things in Life! A cup of tea; food; water; shelter; access to health care and medications; safety and succor. In the warm seasons, I ADORE the outdoors and my garden! Unfortunately, Seasonal Affective Disorder is my dreaded companion for the majority of the year. My other health problems keep me from going out much, so I am immensely grateful for the Internet and for books! Reading and writing are dearly loved pastimes. My husband and I share our Lives with many animals.  Currently, our home is graced by the presence of a hen, a Solomon Island eclectus parrot, 5 kitties, 2 pugs and a colorful assortment of fish! Their Light blesses us both each and every day. :)

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