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  • Ad Soyad: Liban Bule
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  • Okulu: TESSOL Ohio Dominican University
  • Mesleği: Senior Case manager/ Cultural Agent for Adult Serices at ETSS
  • Adresi: - Taivalkoski - Päijät-Häme
  • Ülkesi: Columbus Ohio

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Liban Bule has over 19 years of experience advocating for new immigrants and public relations.  Liban is a community advocate of immigrants and cultural issues.  He is the president/founder of the Global Bi-Lingual Services (GBS) where he has developed citizenship, ESL and after school programs.   Liban was appointed as the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees in Somalia in 1991 where he provided relief assistance during the civil war in Somali, and collaborated with foreign relief organizations.  He was awarded the Peace Ambassador award by the United Nation Interfaith Peace Federation in 1998, and 2007 appointed as African Youth Peace Ambassador.


Accomplished Organizational Development professional with strong background in group process and building organizational capacity. Expertise in helping leaders and boards build stronger, more effective teams. Valued for helping teams think strategically and engage in meaningful conversations that allow for reflection and inquiry that lead to change. Exceptional facilitator and trainer, skilled at designing interactive processes that gain buy-in and commitment to action plans. Achieve sustained success by identifying common ground and using consensus building. Resourceful problem-solver with a broad skill base.

Training and Facilitation:

Design and deliver interactive, experiential workshops, such as: Facilitation Skills, Cross-cultural Communication, Tolerating Dissent, Developing Leadership Skills. Design and facilitate meetings and retreats to achieve desired outcomes. Manage training programs for professional development of consultants, facilitators and coaches in change management.

Ø      Liban Bule is currently Consultant for GBS, where he refers LEP clients to their Community resources such as: Food pantry, HEAP, Rental assistance JRA Centers, Counseling .

Ø      Liban Bule: Rapid Response System Service Coordination Consultant in State of Ohio For New Americans to have an access and linkages.

Ø      An outreach coordinator/CPST,  for Southeast, Inc where he assists clients with their social and emotion needs and connects individuals to community resources, while gathering all epidemiological profile, Social trends, and providing accurate acculturation. 

Ø      He runs Somali Resource Centre, Where he provides, trainings, meetings to empower all needy communities while creating networking in the neighborhood.

Ø      He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology from Auckland Masey University and Masters in Social Work at Arizona State University.  He has provided cross cultural and interpretative services for numerous civil service agencies and organizations.

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