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Landlord Law instagram hesabı. Online legal services and information for residential landlords, tenants, agents and advisors

Are you a landlord?  Do you understand your legal rights and obligations?  No?  We can help you.

Landlord Law is an online resource for landlords, letting agents, housing advisors and tenants.  We have been helping landlords for over 11 years now, and many of our members have been with us for a very long time.

Essentially we provide information and forms to allow you to do things yourself, and save expensive agent and lawyer fees (although we do have many agent and lawyer members too!).

Services include 

  • a wide variety of tenancy agreement templates, 
  • guidance for landlords whose tenants are failing to pay rent (with help from day 1 with forms and letters for you to use), 
  • our unique do it yourself eviction kit, and 
  • you can ask solicitor Tessa Shepperson questions in the members discussion forum!

All for a very modest cost.  Why not visit the site today and take a look?  >>

What our members say:

"We have been with you since 2006 and love the site - gives us massive confidence as landlords, and it makes a huge difference having a real person fronting it rather than a faceless company name" Ian Cosier, landlord

"This web site is brilliant. It has put my mind at rest knowing that I can find information quickly and easily and is well worth the annual subscription fee" H Slade, Landlord

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