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  • Ad Soyad: Kimberly Bilawchuk
  • Cinsiyet: female
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  • Telefon Numarası: ***- **EN61 9HJ
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  • Okulu: Counseling Boston University School of Education
  • Mesleği: I'm a career coach who helps young professionals get "unstuck" and find a rewarding career.
  • Adresi: - Kingston upon Hull - Tyne and Wear
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Are you happy with your job?
Are you using your strongest skills and interests?
Feeling stuck in your job or career?
Not sure where to start? 

I'm a career coach. My typical clients are young professionals who are in transition between jobs (voluntarily or involuntarily) or who are feeling stuck in their current roles. If you're ready to explore your skills and interests and find meaningful work, but don't know where to start, contact me today! I will help you figure out what you're good at, find your passions,and transition to new work roles/jobs. I'll give you the tools you need to successfully manage your career today and in the future.

I have spent nearly 15 years coaching and counseling students and employees in technology, financial services and higher education. I work 1-1 and in small groups to help clients get on track.

Contact me today for a complimentary career coaching consultation. What are you waiting for?

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