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Julia Entwistle instagram hesabı. Romantic Artist based in Horwich, Lancashire UK

I am of Welsh heritage and where I spent most of my life until fifteen years ago when I  moved to Blackburn, Lancashire. In 1999 I decided to Study Art & Design (BTEC) at Blackburn College after which I progressed to the BA(Hons) Fine Art and Integrated Media, graduating in 2004.  Since then I have a studio at Bolton Arts Studios, Horwich. 


My moods are variable, as are the landscapes that I paint. Whether it’s moors, mountains, rivers or sea, all evoke powerful emotions within me, giving awareness of my inner self, in touch with my soul, a transcendental experience. None more so than when I come across large imposing buildings, such as castles, cathedrals, churches and abbeys, especially when set in quiet surroundings. These imposing monuments have a quiet acquiescence of their own, not intrusive, but set the backdrop for a dramatic landscape. Either way, the landscape offsets powerful emotions within me, which I hope translates into my paintings.

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