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Gillian Marchenko instagram hesabı. The world is full of people who seem to have it all together. Gillian speaks for the rest of us.

The world is full of people who seem to have it together.

Gillian Marchenko speaks for the rest of us.

She is a Christian, wife, mother, writer, speaker, and advocate for individuals with special needs. She writes and speaks about parenting kids with Down syndrome, faith, depression, imperfection, and adoption.

Her memoir, Sun Shine Down, published with T.S. Poetry Press in August of 2013. Gillian’s writing has also appeared in Today’s Christian Woman, Thriving Family, Connections Magazine, Gifted for Leadership, Fulfill Blog, MomSense Magazine, Literary Mama, Chicago Parent, Charlottesville Family, Chicago Special Parent, EFCA Today, Four Cornered Universe, and the Tri-City Record. 

Gillian holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis on writing from Moody Bible Institute. She belonged to Story Studio’s advanced memoir class in Chicago for three years.

In 2012, Gillian won The Ethel Herr Most Promising New Writer Award, sponsored by Kathy Ide’s Christian Editor Network at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in Mount Hermon, California. She has also received a “CERTIFICATE OF MERIT” in the Deep River Books Writer’s Contest for her memoir.

A national speaker, Gillian presents to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), churches, support groups, and retreats about imperfect faith, motherhood, depression, and parenting children with special needs. She also teaches with the Joni & Friends Chicago Equipping Team, helping churches cultivate inclusive environments for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Gillian was thrilled to receive an invitation to lead a break out session about supporting moms to kids with special needs at the 2013 MOPS International Convention – 40th Anniversary in October, 2013.

She has been interviewed on GirlfriendIt Radio about balancing life as a pastor’s wife, a mom to kids with special needs, and as a woman who fights depression. She also was interviewed on WSTV 1400 and WNLK 1350 on “Let’s Talk with Bianca & Phil” about having a child with Down syndrome in Ukraine and then going back and adopting another daughter with the same diagnosis.

Gillian maintains a blog at:, is an administrator for the Evangelical Free Church of America Special Needs Network, serves on GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago board of directors, and guest blogs for You are Not Alone, WordServe Water Cooler, Different Dream Parenting, Dancing With The One You Love, SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES, and The Inclusive Church. She also heads up her church’s respite program for families affected by special needs.

Her family church planted in Kiev, Ukraine with REACHGLOBAL, the mission arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America for four years. Growing up in Southwest Michigan, she now lives with her husband Sergei and their four daughters in Chicago. Sergei is the pastor of Christian Fellowship Church.

Most Sundays, you’ll find Gillian there in the back row of the church Sergei pastors, bouncing a toddler on her knee and giving the older girls the look. It’s been said that the wives of clergy live in fish bowls. Gillian is the first to say that her bowl is cracked and most of the water has seeped out.

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For interview/review queries, email her at [email protected]

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