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Gifting Trees instagram hesabı. Give someone you love..the gift that keeps Gifting..!

Gifting Trees... is dedicated to plant native trees, and thereby; creating natural habitats for birds & insects to thrive in urban societies, improving the environment and creating livable conditions for our generations to come.

Our Trees are living symbols of hope for our existence on the planet & our future. They are solutions for our people in need of food, water, clean air and environment pro...tection in the face of increasing climatic instability.

The 'Gifting Trees...' is created with the idea that small things count and can have a big impact. A small initiative, will go a long way in saving our Environment!

Help us in our fight for saving Native Trees :
1. Become a fan
2. Invite your friends to spread the word!
3. Start your own actions, more information at

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