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  • Mesleği: Music Producer/Personal Manager/Agenting/Talent Development, Casting for Television and Motion Pictures, Live Entertainment Venue Consultantion
  • Adresi: Amselweg - Schlotheim - Bayern
  • Ülkesi: Missouri Germany

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George Michaud instagram hesabı. Currently/ Writer for "Producer's Corner"/Entertainment/Food Critic and writing two books currently



George Michaud


We can help New Talent with getting started in the music industry.  We can help professionals in many ways.


The best way to familiarize yourself with me or our company and some of our

talent is to go to one of our websites at ...  (under construction)  Here you may also purchase one of our most successful products which is a CD of harp music we call "Music For Your Health" first introduced by LLOYD LINDROTH in 1960.  

You can find all you need until we update and get these websites upgraded and updated.  Please have patience.

Thank you,

                                 -George Michaud



George Michaud managed a bank in Michigan at the young age of 20 just before


he transformed his entire lifestyle into "Show Biz". He started "on the road"


as a roadie with various show groups and musical shows traveling all over the country, became a concert manager, wound up in Las Vegas where he was Entertainment Director for the Tropicana Hotel.


After moving to the Los Angeles area Michaud started his own GMA Talent Agency that grew into the top of the top five busiest talent agencies on the West Coast in less than three (3) years. Even agents from William Morris Agency were calling Michaud to get their "new talent" booked. Michaud developed the agency over the years , thru the seventies and eighties handling actors, actresses, singers, musicians, had a commercial division, literary department headed by the famed producer, writer and director Arthur Dreifuss and a "Special Event" department headed up by the well respected Mr. Hal Belfer who was the top choreographer for Columbia Pictures and other motion picture studios in Hollywood.

Michaud was responsible for successful concert seasons for many venues using the talent of the likes of Ray Charles and his Orchestra, Buddy Rich and his Orchestra, The Manhattan Transfer, Neil Sedaka and many, many more Big Names such as Pearl Bailey,Johnny Carson, Henny Youngman and others to the point of getting so busy that Michaud decided to hire on other agents he would train which turned out to be well over thirty (30) in number.

Michaud started the FIRST successful talent SHOWCASE of new talent he called "NEW FACES OF" ...whatever year it was that year,  and "had them standing in line on Monday evenings to come for new talent for television shows, movies and other clubs all night long" says one of the Los Angeles club reviewers from VARIETY magazine and The Los Angeles Times..

Michaud is responsible for many of the successes of the winners of the $100,000.00 prize on NBC's "Star Search" with host Ed Mc Mahan.

Ronnie Turso, one of Michaud's discoveries ,the most well known and highest paid entertainers around. Turso is a fabulous singer and songwriter/Performer and because of Turso, Michaud started his very own Pulling Strings Publishing companies for producers and talent looking for "NEW" material that will be potential "HITS" for them.  

Michaud is also responsible for being the personal manager for famed Harpist Lloyd Lindroth for well over twenty-seven years. Bringing Lindroth to the pinnacle of his career in so many areas too vast to place here. Michaud also has produced over a dozen new albums for different talents.

Michaud is selling Lindroth's music and is currently running his companies, Harpland Music, Michlind Enterprises (R), Michlind Publishing, Pulling Strings Publishing, Voice of the Harp and other theatrical services from Music City, USA and Kansas City, MO for the time being.  Also see the Lindroth CDS on eBay 

In Michaud's own words, he is;

     "happiest when I can help new talent, develop their skills and polish them into a bright diamond to the point where they become the important person they wish to be and enjoy the fruits of their labors! That is what makes me happy."

                           -George Michaud

Dictated by the years of experience of Michaud dealing with talent as he has, he is most comfortable now sharing his knowledge as an Entertainment Consultant and looking into and toward the future with new and exciting theatrical adventures in mind,  yet to be announced,  that will, as he says..."bring us into the next century with bright, new and innovative ideas that will entertain people like they have never been entertained before."


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