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DIESELPOWER s.r.o. - engines tuning, dyno testing, development, racing. Czech Republic - Prague - Modletice.

Dieselpower company was estabilished as an official exclusive representative of company Fratelli Bosio srl., for Czech Republic and Slovkia market. From the beggining we sell injection nozzles and diesel injection pump elements. For more information see section Fratelli Bosio.
Besides standard injection nozzles we were the first in Czech market who started to sell tuning and race injection nozzles, and other mechanical parts for power increase of some particular engines, mainly VW-Audi-Group.
Our success at the field of engine tuning parts led us to more sophisticated development. We are also engaged in engine controller map optimisation (remapping) these days.
Our main advantage which helps us to be ahead of competition is our KNOW-HOW. Thanks to our know-how we are able to tune also complicated application for road and race use.
From beggining we set the direction of tuning business in diesel engines tuning.

- Injector Fratelli Bosio (SPRINT, POWERPLUS, RACE), Bosch
- Perform testing and refurbishing CR injector Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, Denso.
- Hybrid Turbocharger
- Silicone hose SiliconHoses.com.
- Hose clamps Prolock.
- Intercooler and other accessories Allard Motorsport
- Forge Motorsport range
- Sachs Performance clutch components
- Professional chiptuning DIESELPOWER
- dyno MotoComTest 4x4

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