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  • Ad Soyad: Dale Marciniak
  • Cinsiyet:
  • Doğum Günü:
  • Telefon Numarası: 414-604-1427 ***- **O8 1BX
  • E-Posta Adresi: [email protected]
  • Okulu: Hamilton High School,
  • Mesleği: Real Estate Broker/Associate
  • Adresi: Brick Kiln Road - Birmingham - Bedfordshire
  • Ülkesi: United Kingdom

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Dale Marciniak has been a full time, professional realtor since 1977 specializing in the sale and marketing of residential real estate throughout the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area and surrounding communities.

Dale is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.  He was elected as a director for the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors (GMAR) in December of 2012 and continues to serve on the Board.  The Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors named Dale "Realtor of the Year" in 2014.  Each year, GMAR names one REALTOR who exhibits the professionalism, community involvement and association activity prized by the organization.

Married and the father of three and recently a grandfather, Dale is acutely aware of the wants and needs of families in the area. Known for his honesty and integrity, Dale Marciniak offers the best in personalized real estate service. Because he believes that the sale and marketing of a home should be controlled by the real estate agent, not the real estate company, Dale has chosen to associate with RE/MAX, one of the nation’s leading real estate firms. Every RE/MAX sales associate has a personal financial investment in advertising and promotion in order to give you the maximum exposure possible. In addition, Dale’s Team encompasses four other people in his business to ensure that his transactions receive the meticulous attention and detail that they deserve.

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