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City Limits deploys journalists and multimedia artists to help New Yorkers understand critical issues, engaging different stakeholders - experts, advocates, leaders, electeds, residents and others - to make their voices heard on citywide civic issues and topics.

Reaching more than 500,000 annually, and millions more through media partnerships and collaborations, we've made significant strides to connect all New Yorkers to the conversation.

We've won nine major journalism awards in the past year and just launched our Brooklyn Bureau to deliver more localized public interest reporting to the city's largest borough.

Since 2010 we've published in-depth investigations on the demise of small businesses in city neighborhoods, the causes and consequences of black male joblessness, sexual abuse by guards in state prisons, flaws in the city's community planning system, the growing role of private consultants in shaping public policy, and lessons from 20 years of New York City firefighter fatalities.

We believe that in-depth reporting and inclusive civic debate can create an even greater New York City!

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