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  • Mesleği: Singer Songwriter
  • Adresi: Pockrus Page Rd - Downey - Montana
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Powerhouse pop soul vocalist, award winning songwriter and record label CEO Celeste Stoney officially released her highly anticipated debut single, “MY KINDA CRAZY” to all major digital and streaming outlets on October 21st, 2014. Creating quite an industry buzz, celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton says, “Celeste Stoney reminds us of Pink” and that her single,” ‘My Kinda Crazy’, could be the 2015 All About That Bass.” CNN says, “Thank you! There is a female who brings ‘true music’ back.” Celeste was chosen from hundreds of LA artist to perform at the 2015 GRAMMY Showcase at the Roxy Theatre.

Celeste strives for and loves “that organic sound, real music.” Her throwback feel and modern pop hooks are the perfect embodiment of her style. Her sound is retro yet relevant to 2015’s pop music trends. Her debut single, “MY KINDA CRAZY”, has earned half a million plays on Soundcloud, and remixes hit the top 10 on HypeMachine earlier this year. Her hilarious, retro music video, which stars her husband actor Ray Stoney, gives us a look at Celeste’s quirky & playful personality, showing us that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Celeste has a huge heart for those that can’t help themselves and makes philanthropy a focal point in all of her projects. She’s helps in the re-homing pets from high kill shelters through her extensive work with LA based non-profit START Rescue. Another passion of hers is to help the homeless. Celeste & her peers independently make food, collect clothes and donate regularly to the less fortunate communities in the San Fernando Valley. Celeste is also a youth mentor with WriteGirl.org, a non-profit that empowers teen girls through creative writing.

Celeste’s debut EP UNASHAMED is due in the fall, and she released her second single “KOOL” accompanied by a stylized 1920′s themed music video to iTunes, Amazon, Vevo and all streaming outlets on July 28th. Songs like “KOOL” take a lighthearted but real look at oversexulization in media while the infections soulful sound has you hitting repeat. “DUMB”, is a no-holds-barred reality check of society. Celeste doesn’t hold back as she sings about real and sometimes hard-to-talk about issues all in a non-judgmental way. She sings, “We got poison on the tables and the fumes in the air slowly killing us but we don’t care.” “CAMOUFLAGE”, is a power ballad about equality and being yourself that brings chills to your spine and tears to your eyes. The subject matter in “PICKET FENCES” and “MY KINDA CRAZY” embody the ups and downs of a lasting, monogamous relationship. Celeste is a refreshing new voice that is reminiscent of the Motown era when great music had a great message.

Celeste Stoney’s debut single, “MY KINDA CRAZY” is available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, and available for streaming through Spotify, Rhapsody and all other major outlets.

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