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callie thorpe instagram hesabı. UK Plus Size Lifestyle and Style blogger.

Why hello there. If you are popping by first time hello! Here's a few things you might want to know about me. I'm Callie a 26 year old living the London dream after moving here from Wales over seven years ago. I live with my handsome boyfriend Dan in a little flat in South West London. We love to travel and cook and be lazy on the sofa. I love lipsticks, strong WiFi, photography and my lovely pals. I started this blog in 2012 as a diet diary at a time in my life when I felt pretty low about myself, I was desperate to lose weight, obsessed with dieting and in a bad place. I decided one day that being negative wasn't going to help me with anything in my life, so I decided to find a creative outlet with a new blog. This is when From the corners of the Curve was born. This space is body shame free. I speak openly and honestly about my journey to self confidence and what it means to find peace with yourself. The word Diet isn't part of my vocabulary any more, instead here we talk about healthy eating and happiness. It is important for me to share with other girls the freedom in finding contentment with your body, of course we all have our down days but we should never let anyone make us feel bad for the way we are. I believe women of all sizes should be able to enjoy fashion and shouldn't have to wait to be a certain size to wear fashionable clothes. In this blog you will find outfit pictures, food, travel and lifestyle posts so if that's your kinda thing, stay, grab a cuppa and get involved, leave me your comments and questions because, as you will get to know I love to chat

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