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Brent M. Skoda, 27, 2010 Global Student Entrepreneur winner and Chairman of Ahkeo Ventures, is a serial entrepreneur born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Skoda has been recognized for his entrepreneurial endeavors as a featured guest on national television, Fox News Varney & Company, concluding speaker at the White House Press Conference announcing Start Up America, keynote speaker at President Obama’s follow on initiative to Start Up America in Algiers, Algeria, US G20 Youth Ambassador serving in Toronto, CA, Nice, France and Mexico City, Texas Christian University’s (TCU) Entrepreneur of the Year, US Youth Delegate for a US State Department initiative in Cairo, Egypt, and nominated as one of the Top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by Empact, a Start Up America Partnership.

The culmination of a lifetime of enterprise and Skoda’s passion for health, nutrition and fitness led him to his award winning venture, CollegeFitness.comä. While completing his college education, Skoda raised several million dollars in capital to fund the business and created an internationally acclaimed online resource for nutritional data and personalized video-based workout programs. For that work, Skoda, outpaced competition from other accomplished young business leaders from around the world to win the prestigious 2010 award given by the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Kauffman Foundation and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). was honored by Inc Magazine’s 2010 Coolest College Start Ups.  Since winning that award, Skoda has gone on to a venture he expects will bring revenue of $23 to $25 million in its third year. But his work certainly didn’t begin there.

Skoda began learning about dollars and cents as a day trader, buying and selling stocks as a fourth grader during recess. He embarked on his sales career at the age of 15, designing and executing client acquisition strategies for Merrill Lynch’s Private Client Group. Following his stint at Merrill Lynch, Skoda went on to become Vice President of Marketing for the nation’s second largest paper and packaging redistributor, Joshen Paper. While working for Joshen, he landed Wal-Mart as a client. He then went out and started his first business, Skoda International, which sourced, engineered and sold a uniquely branded instant hand sanitizer, Purely Inspiredä. The product was sold in large quantities to regional supermarkets. A significant portion of the profits were donated to breast cancer research. Skoda’s second business, Santas411.comä, featured a 2-D animated Santa Claus and a cast of 25, 2-D animated product-specific elves. The site hosted thousands of holiday shopping deals. Skoda’s third business, GlobalEZBuyä, sourced electronics from overseas manufacturers and sold them over the Internet and via a retail storefront. The business achieved $350,000 in revenue within two months of inception.

Skoda went on to work with a premier boutique private placement firm in Los Angeles, California, where he assisted the firm’s founder in raising $25 million to fund a national self-storage consolidation effort. Skoda’s most recent business, Legacy Builders & Contractors has grown to become the largest residential roofing contractor in Dallas/Fort Worth with offices around the country. 

Skoda has a tremendous passion for entrepreneurship and is looking forward to mentoring, aiding and guiding young entrepreneurs as many have done for him over the course of his career.

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