• Cinsiyet: male
  • Doğum Günü: October 1
  • Telefon Numarası: ***- **47567
  • E-Posta Adresi:
  • Okulu: BBA S.S. Dempo College of Commerce & Economics
  • Mesleği:
  • Adresi: - سنندج - آذربایجان غربی
  • Ülkesi: Ponda, goa, india

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ASHLEY COELHO instagram hesabı. Music is like a Heartbeat... Signifies Love and Life

Hi Friends!!!!!......This is Ashley Coelho....... Im a cool type of being living in the heart of Ponda..... I love compose and play Songs............ 
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My craze for music and love for is immesuarable by anyone. Its way beyond anyone can even think...... Its juss that music is in my Soul........ 

Life has been always proved the best for me no matter what circumstances ive gone through....... I have learned to live my life to the Fullest....... I have Many great desires in life... Some r ... to start a band of my own and take it to a level where no other band has ever reached. I also want to reach to the people who r in serious need and help them in every way i can... etc.... 
People always tell me to stop dreaming........ But i love to live my dreams as i know that my Lord my God will grant mw wishes and make my dreams come true....

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